Nov. 3rd to Dec. 3rd - From Skin to Flesh | Spacegroup + Triptyque + Vazia S/A
Eduardo Fernandes Gallery



From Skin to Flesh


Architecture for All or Architecture like us?

What if Architecture could incorporate behaviour intelligence of the bodies and the efficiency of living systems? A half living Creature mixed between the made and the born?

What if architecture could be Creature like?

Well it would surely have a few behaviours, it would probably interact to some extent with its surroundings and ecology. To be a Creature would not be easy. Imagine being unique, one of a kind, no friends. Learning from Frankenstein and its Creature we found that:


‘We are unfashioned creatures, but half made up, if one wiser, better, dearer than ourselves…’


To be Creature like would imply exchanges with natural organisms. If our architectural Creatures would react to an environment like Sao Paulo surely theirs skins would have to learn not only to moisturize, but also to inflame and live with the pathologies of the city. From Skin to Flesh is an architectural experimentation on skin inflammations, antiseptic process, urban cuts, fluid evacuation and void infill. It is made of raw, investigative and propositional material that as an open cut, let us see inside its organs. Maybe not an architecture for All, but certainly an architecture like us, moisturized and alive.





From Skin to Flesh (Obituary)


From Skin to Flesh came alive already zombied after a short flowering in the urban shores. Age, relationship status and home address are all on its facebook account. Born as a creature from architects parents it endured the novelty of being a crossbreed between proto-architecture and tropical fever. Living as a creature its life was an experimentation in being playful, interactive and sometimes participative. Another unique creature, Frankenstein paid tribute to From Skin:


‘We are unfashioned creatures, but half made up, if one wiser, better, dearer than ourselves…’


Once labelled an unfinished business of pure process and the creation of lunatic urban scientist it reacted to the blossoming of everyday pollution and cacophony of the city of Sao Paulo. Its skin going rot was its greatest achievement. It certainly changed. No being architecture, but half-bred it embraced the dirty and the everyday caresses of urban adventures and tropical sweat. Rotting and bare flesh gave its half-unfinished building skin a new unique coat. A concrete slab also paid tribute to it: From Skin was poisoned to succumb in its necessity to interact. I guess being a half-alive zombie is a quality in the architectural scene nowadays. God knows why.

From Skin to Flesh is survived by its macumbeiros Triptyque, Vazio and Spacegroup.


Arrangements courtery of Galleria Eduardo Fernandes. Its family request that interactions and notes are sent to the ‘It is alive!! Charity LTD’.